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Jay W. Hobbs III, MBA | 202.805.5553

My formal experience and background began at Florida A&M University (MBA), and has extended to professional endeavors that include a diverse career path anchored in residential and commercial real estate. 


As an advocate for community development, I share a committed interest in the future direction and quality of real estate opportunities within our community. There's a tremendous need for collaborative efforts to raise the awareness of critical issues related to improving technological integration and community awareness as it relates to real estate development. 


During the course of my career, I have gained a wealth of experience and insight regarding buying, selling, and real estate investing within the global community. My professional background has been established through the foundation of sound ethics, efficiency, and results as it relates to business. My specific areas of expertise include: marketing, sales, finance, data analysis, negotiation, business development, and enhancing the client experience via relationship management.

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